What People Say About Life Changing Healing Center

"They say that good things come in small packages. Well, it is true after you meet Bhakti Sondra Shaye. She is small in the physical sense, but let me tell you, she is big in the healing sense. Don't let her fool you, when she is channeling healing she is unlimited in size."

- DEREK O'NEILL, Spiritual Teacher and Master Healer (Dublin, Ireland)
"Bhakti Sondra, I appreciate you and all of the Light you are adding to the world. God Bless you."

- PATRICIA COTA-ROBLES, author, spiritual teacher and therapist
"I am so grateful for you ...You may never know the impact of our meeting nor the hope and stability provided by your Love. But whether you are aware or not, you shall be greatly rewarded by Our Father in Heaven."
"Hi Sondra, I count myself so lucky to know you and to be able to recognize the great importance of your work for us all. All my love!"
"Sondra, I think of your beautiful holy presence in New York often. How lucky the city is to have you gracing its borders."
"In my more than a decade of serving people in a similar fashion, Sondra Shaye is among the most powerful, yet caring and loving healers and individuals I have ever come across. Trust your instincts and see her today - it will change your life for the better!"
"I want to thank you for the work done, which confirms to me that your reputation as a powerful healer is well deserved."
"I hold you in the highest regard in relationship to purity of heart and healing potential and I trust that you can help me greatly."
"You are a blessing to have come into my life. The initiations you have passed on to me have changed my life. You are an amazing servant of God. Thank you!"
"Your powers are truly magnificent. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and with all of my Soul."
"I would like to express my deepest gratitude for having had the honor to have you in my life - to be taught by you, and to have received all the priceless gifts that came into my life with your presence. Sondra, may you be blessed in a million ways!"
"Heartfelt thanks for being the instrument of God that you are. Following the session I was not able to grasp the magnitude of the experience. I am so different and my heart is so much more open. What a wonderful miracle, so beyond words."
"I had a very unusual experience in the last class. It made me appreciate what you and the Ascended Masters are doing to help all of us. Your sacrifice is priceless."
"Good day to you!! Please allow me to say with sincerity and love, a heartfelt THANK YOU! No kidding, I'm already feeling and sensing changes in myself, my personality, and my thought patterns, WHEW!!! It's like a huge burden has been lifted from me!"
"Thank you for bringing me such a gift of life."
"I am very grateful for the fantastic amount of support in your emails. It is beautiful and uplifting. Receiving such support is inspiring."
"Wanted to express how deeply grateful for all the wonderful healing I have received to date since walking in for my first Rising Star session on November 10, 2012. It was sometime at the end of September 2012 when I made the appointment. October 27th I stopped drinking so even before the session and having never met you before, the energy had already began working - now that's magic!!!! :) :) :) Since then and all the sessions I have received I am feeling so much more amazing, hopeful, grateful and happier. It feels like an engine has been switched on in the back of my chest and it is purring like a cat :) Feeling more open too, more approachable (less defensive or scared of others) more relaxed, less bothered by trivials. It's awesome when suddenly you wake up and realize that something you used to do or used to feel or used to think about doesn't happen or exist anymore or has been significantly reduced. So thank you so much for your beautiful service and the wonderful healing energy you are bringing forth into the world to help humanity."
"Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. There are no words to describe this journey that my spirit has been on. Truly, a challenge and a blessing at the same time. During this karmic journey, which I have to face, you have been my navigator with the artistry - you always guide me to the calmness in the middle of the storm. I am so grateful. You are a great example of God's Instrument."
"I know that you are a special human angel. I'm thankful that you are part of my life."
"All I have left to say is a massive thank you for all the loving wisdom and patience that has come from you since our first meeting many moons ago. You inspire me to seek the many positive attributes that emanate from you."
"Your kindness and ability to listen are truly impressive. I enjoyed meeting you, felt very safe throughout the process, and was able to feel the energy from the first second."
"Sondra, I am so blessed to receive your Divine services that have been instrumental in my personal and spiritual growth. These benefits are like a wave on the ocean touching everyone that I am in contact with and in turn those people that they are are in contact with until there is a huge mass of people that are reaping the benefits of your work."
"You taught me the Rising Star, Prema Birthing with Derek, and was a facilatator for numerous More Truth Will Set You Free workshops and the Karnak Initiations. I always walk away feeling full of Divine Love and Light. I am so honored and Blessed to know you."
"My dearest sister Bhakti, in this season of peace I send you my love, respect, and admiration. Your service to the Light is an inspiration for me. We are all truly blessed by your work and the world is made a much richer place from it. It has been three years plus since you first activated my DNA and I attended the first two seminars you offered. I have been transformed by you and will always feel honored to be in the core of Lightworkers that you have inspired. Ohm Shanti Love and Light. Namaste."
"After our session, I dreamt that your entire block was declared Sacred Ground because of the powerful energies coming from you and your center. When I awoke, I wasn't surprised. I know first hand the powerful work you do. Thanks a million!"
"Sondra, you are a beautiful Light that God sent to bring illumination to our beautiful and distressed planet. With Love and light."
"Sondra, I feel I can really trust you, because you are an example of the Love of God, and I feel also that you can open my heart to embrace the Divine energy of the Great Gold Brotherhood. You are the Light."
"Sondra, you are appreciated more than you'll ever know! You are a wonderful, knowledgeable, gifted teacher. I always feel joy being in your presence. I'm happy to have met you. I'm inspired!"
"I don't have the language for the thankfulness my heart feels. It is about integrity, Light, innate goodness, selflessness, honesty and humility. Finally, it is about faith, hope and LOVE. You embody these powerful energies. "Bhakti" is perfect. The embodiment of devotion. Thank you for being a beacon on this journey. I know and believe in your purity and that is so beautiful and deeply profound. With great love and deepest respect."
"Thanks again for being the angel on earth that you are!"
"Thank you Sondra for being such a wonderful instrument of the Love of God. I feel an incredible sense of gratitude for the work you do, for being what you are. You are a Light for all of us. I thank Sai Baba for guiding me to have the fortune of receiving the DNA Activation from you. It was like being in the presence of Baba himself. I experienced an incredible Love, and an opening of my heart chakra. May God bless you a thousand times."
"You are being my angel, just so you know."
"Sondra, the Hierarchy of Light put me into your lineage. So what ever you teach is the 'real deal' to me. I have considered it to be one of my truest blessings to learn from you. I'll always go where the flow is purest. I trust my Guides and they say to stick with you. Emphatically!"
"Much gratitude and I pray for many, many blessings to be upon you. I'm deeply grateful to have met you and to have been a recipient of your powerful work."
"Sondra, thank you deeply from my heart for your great service to me and to humanity. You are certainly a model for me. Once again thank you."
"I want to thank you for the work you have done with me, I feel like life has really been turning around for me since I started working with you. Things are finally heading in the right direction and I feel so happy and at peace that it really is amazing."
"In late March 2019, I was accepted into the Masters of Social Work program that I had applied to. On April 15th, on my husband’s birthday, he was offered his dream job and my daughter was unexpectedly accepted into the college that has been a perfect fit for her. It was such a remarkable synchronization of energy within my little family that I strongly felt it must have emanated from the healing work you performed for us. Thank you for bringing not just me, but my cherished family so much healing energy!"
"To me, you have been the quintessential Leader, Teacher, Guide and Friend."