Our Mission

Bhakti Sondra Shaye Our Mission Our mission at Life Changing Healing Center is to re-awaken all beings to their innate goodness by re-introducing unconditional love to them through love, truth and compassion. We believe in and practice service to others, not just ourselves.

We believe in helping people understand that through service to others they achieve their own goals.

We believe in and practice the five fundamental human values of Love, Truth, Peace, Non-violence and Right Conduct. We understand the value of diversity and the validity of all points of view.

We are dedicated to supporting Mercy for Animals, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), The Sierra Club, ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and other organizations and charities that support and promote environmental, animal, marine life, racial, and gender justice. We believe a compassionate, respectful, peaceful world is possible, and we work towards that goal every day.

CLICK HERE if you or someone you know would like assistance or support in transitioning to a compassionate, environmentally supportive vegan lifestyle.

How may we serve you?

Bhakti Sondra Shaye We stand in solidarity with our Black sisters and brothers. As a privileged white woman, I cannot begin to imagine what people of color have felt and endured in this country now and throughout our history. But I can be an ally. I can reject racism, call it out and fight against it. I can listen and learn. I can work for change. I can campaign and vote. I can extend a hand. I can open my heart. I can see love in the eyes of my sisters and brothers. Black Lives Matter. ~ Sondra Shaye